Tour Tips

Your attitude makes the biggest difference to a trip. The best tip on offer is to just go with it, try and get the most out of your time.

Top 3 Tips

1. Every night doesn’t have to be a party.

There is often a perception that every night on tour needs to involve alcohol and drunken antics, when in reality some of the best nights don’t involve either. While having a party night is fun, and on tour you’re sure to have at least a couple, make sure you don’t miss out on cities because of your nights outs.

It is important to listen to your tour manager as they’ll tell you when the best times to party are, and when it will have the least affect on your tour. They’re not trying to ruin your fun, they are trying to make sure you get the most out of your time abroad.

2. Water & Food are your friends.

When you’re running around a city all day it is important to make sure you keep your water intake up, especially in the peak of summer when temperatures can reach 30degree plus.

Food is also important, as skipping a meal means you’ll run yourself into the ground very quickly. Take advantage of any breakfast on offer (Yes even the terrible European ones) as this will at least keep you going until lunch. Making sure you have snack available can also make you much happier.

Eat While you drink. Don’t fall into the trap of skipping meals to make your nights out cheaper. All that happens is you end up completely drunk and feeling sick for days.

3. Just go with it.

Rain, hale, or shine you are on holiday so just go with it. If it rains put on a rain jacket and get out there. Nothing can ruin your holiday unless YOU let it. There is nothing worse than spending your holiday depressed because of things you can’t control, so just forget about them.

Also many cities in Europe look better wet!

These three things will ensure you have a wonderful time. The important thing to remember is that the worst days can often end up being the best stories.

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  1. Hey Glenn,

    Awesome website, very relevant for me. I’m looking at doing the same sort of thing as you. Ideally get a job as a tour guide with contiki, it says you do that for 6 months a year, what do you do with the rest of your year?

    I’m 24, been with my company 6 years, in the role as a sales rep for 2, customers service/internal sales previously for 3 and in my last year of studying business at university after 5 years part time. I just bought my first house so when i go travelling i have something to go back to/an investment. I’m a year and a bit away from starting my travels but want to work while i travel and love to party on occasion. Both my parents were born in the U.K so can easily get a passport

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