Travel Tip Tuesday: Sleeping Anywhere

SleepAnywhereTuesday Travel Tips: Travel Tip Tuesday: Sleeping Anywhere – but mostly Planes, Trains, & Hostels. Give yourself the best chance to catch some sleep with these tips

Of course being tired is the major requirement for sleeping, but for travel, and dorm living you need to reduce the distractions, stress, and annoyances that keep you from getting a good nights sleep.

1: Bring the right Equipment: Ear Plugs & Eye Mask

Ear plugs and a eye mask/Blindfold are a must if you plan on sleeping in dorm rooms, with a roommate (none cuddle variety), or on major transportation like Planes and buses. The simply foam type ear plugs work great.

TopTip: Noise canceling headphones are amazing for planes, combined with RainyMood app and you would think you’re at home. 

Make sure you are comfortable with them before you travel, try sleeping a few nights with them on before your trip.

Tip: Buffs are a more comfortable option than eye masks and have the added bonus of holding in earplug – CHECK THEM OUT HERE 

2: Appropriate Clothing

You are boarding the walkway to a plane not the runways of Milan. Leave the heels, three piece suits and skinny jeans at home. Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that is both warm and flexible. Use layers that allow you to warm up or cool down. For the ladies always plan for it to be cold. Comfortable looser clothing also means you wont wake up with a dead leg where your jeans have cut of circulation.

For Dorms and shared accommodation do your roommates a favour and bring something to sleep in like PJ pants or boxer shorts. You might like to be natural when you sleep but your room mates do not want to wake up to your bare bits in their face.

2.1  Socks

Something overlooked, often by Australians and those from the south of the USA, are the need for wearing socks on flights and transport.  If your feet are cold you will be cold.

TIP: Compression socks are great for flights and reducing swelling of the ankles (Kankles)

3: Change your Watch/Phone (For cross time zone trips)

As soon as you board the aircraft, bus, train work on the time at destination. If it is time to sleep then sleep. If you need to stay awake and eat do that. This is where the eye-mask and earplugs come in handy.

Changing the time as soon as you depart will also stop your alarm going off at 2am in the dorm room making you the most hated person in the world.

Tip: Don’t focus on what time it is at home, embrace your new home, even if it is for a week, or a few days – send a facebook message or email and relax. Your family wont forget about you. 

4: Airline food – is always a bad idea!

Ignore the airlines meal times, a full belly of mediocre food does not make for a good sleep.

That said being staring doesn’t help either. Eating 1/2hours before your flight, and taking some simple snacks with you will help immensely.

That said if a meal fits in with your time at destination take the included meal.

5: Water

Take a bottle onto the plane with you, be it brought for $1,000,000 at the airport or just a refillable bottle you smuggled through security. Stress doesn’t help with sleep, neither does being thirsty. For many the stress of bothering the air hostess for a drink is to much. Do yourself a favour take water with you.

For Dorms having a bottle by the bed will reduce the shake, and noise by meaning you don’t have to go in and out of the room for a drink. It will also reduce the post hangover ‘thirst’ as soon as you wake up.

So Five simple tips that make sleeping

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